Roots Hard Cider was fashioned with three goals in mind:

  • Produce the highest-quality product possible using only whole, fresh-pressed apples. No concentrate.
  • Embody the spirit of Nashville in the recipe, by adding artistry to the craft of cider-making.
  • Make a cider that can be enjoyed year-round, by all audiences. Gluten free, not too sweet, not too dry.

To begin describing Roots Hard Cider, we would say we created what we describe as “Tree to Tap” cider. Roots uses three apple varietals that are grown, pressed, fermented and packaged on a single premise. Our manufacturing partner in New York is home to one of the top orchards in America, with cider makers on staff with more than 50 years experience.

The commitment we made is to produce a fresh product with a finish that is natural and enjoyable. One that isn’t sugary and thick like many commercial ciders made from concentrate. It is perfect for the gluten free consumer, high-end restaurant, pub, or even a pint with a pizza.


The recipe for Roots Traditional Hard Cider was created specifically for the Nashville market by Middle TN owners. We wanted the yeast character to come through in the product, while maintaining a balance of tartness and effervescence characteristic of a premium cider. All of the cider’s elements meld together to create a highly drinkable cider, yet with a kick at 5.5% ABV.


The recipe for Roots Blueberry Hard Cider was inspired by our love for blueberries and providing a more creamy alternative to our Traditional Cider. Our Blueberry Cider embodies the natural sweetness of ripe, juicy blueberries with the crisp, tartness of fresh-pressed apples for a deliciously balanced, and slightly sweeter taste.

Now available on draught and 6-pack, 12-oz. Bottles. Please join in with us in drinking Roots Hard Ciders responsibly. Find us at your local watering hole and filling station, and at wine and liquor retailers throughout Middle Tennessee.